About Us

About OneCloud

OneCloud was founded in February 2017 as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) company to solve the biggest problems that most enterprises face to improve Information Technology Systems (ITS) performance and availability.

In our quest to solve problems and find the right solutions, we identified the key technology components that impact on business profitability, user efficiency, systems availability, network security and overall performance. We defined a solution and product set to answer the need for reliability, simplified deployments, IT systems and network visibility, ease of management-and support of systems…and ultimately reducing clients’ costs.

We have a proven track record in the design, provision, deployment, configuration, management and support of critical network and systems components. Our expertise and specialised skills cover the following key areas.

  • Internet Access & MPLS Connectivity
  • Inter-branch Private Networks (WAN)
  • In-Office Network Infrastructure (LAN)
  • Security of Business-and User Data
  • Server Virtualisation (Hosted)
  • Office Applications & Software Licensing
  • User Device Management

OneCloud has more than 17 years’ collective management experience in the Internet (ISP) and Information Technology Services (ITS) market in Mozambique.

Our Management Team

Farah Rahman took on the position as General Manager and Head of Finance in OneCloud at the beginning of 2020 to bring excellence across all aspects of business. Her focus is to design and implement controls and processes that enable our Team, who she manages, to operate with motivation and optimal efficiency.

Her aim is to facilitate a dynamic work environment in which our people’s daily functions, business systems and processes are simple and functional, yet detailed and controlled to ensure that we operate with optimal efficiency.

She ensures that our clients, our team and all other stakeholders can rest assured that we operate our business with administrative and financial best-practice in mind.

Farah is not only the General Manager, but has more than a decade Financial Management and Financial Auditing experience as an accountant. She brings her knowledge with experience and an undeniable “zest” for sound Financial Management into OneCloud, and this is why she is referred to as “The Chief”.

Ebrahim Ebrahim joined our team to establish OneCloud as the leading Cloud Service Provider company. His mission is to optimise networks and business technology systems in a way that will make people happy.

He focusses in the areas of integration, deployments and optimization and enables OneCloud to deliver on our obligations under contract with our clients with excellence.

Ebrahim takes care of our systems design, integration, and client networks optimization as a highly skilled and proficient engineer, and this is why Ebrahim is deservedly referred to as “The Geek”.

Denís Cajada took on the big responsibility of making people happy in his key role to ensure the uptime and stability of Internet connectivity across all of our networks since he joined us in 2019.

He drives our Internet Carrier Partners and support engineers across all regions of Mozambique to resolve complex issues that have a direct impact on the quality of the services we offer to our clients contractually.

In his drive for excellence he pays absolute attention to detail and work with admirable tenacity to get the results that make our client’s lives easier on a daily basis. For this reason, amongst our clients and his fellow members of the OneCloud Team, Denís Cajada is better known as “The Fixer”.

Hilary Calipuí connects the OneCloud Team with our clients and partners to ensure all parties achieve set goals efficiently and on-time.

She collaborates with people and motivate them to fulfill administrative compliance processes, she further coordinates and manages our pre-sales and project implementation deliverables.

In her position as Admin Coordinator, she is driven to develop relationships through open and constant communications with the key people who have a joint interest in OneCloud’s success to maintain long-term agreements. Hilary is better described and referred to in OneCloud as “The Organiser”.

Katharina Kuenstler-Strauss has been part of the OneCloud Team from the start as co-founder and she takes care of our financial management and processes. She ensures that our accounting and financial team remains aligned with our client and partner expectations, and controls government regulatory compliance.

Kati delivers continuity of all financial aspects of our business, and enable OneCloud to contribute to the local economy, and the financial upliftment of our people and stakeholders. Amongst our team, Kati is referred to as “The Regulator”.

Jacobus J Strauss established OneCloud as founder to help businesses solve common problems related to the performance and availability of networks and systems.

He is driven to simplify the complexity of legacy networks and IT infrastructure through Cloud-based technologies that add real value to our clients’ efficiency and bottom-line profitability. In his role as Managing Director, Jaco takes care of our clients and our people, ensuring long-term and mutually beneficial partner-and client relationships as a solid foundation for company growth and success, and he is “The Boss”.

Get in touch with us

OneCloud has been the first company to secure our country wide connectivity at acceptable price level and with very good response time to issues on the network.

– Jose Tembe, Head of Finance and Operations • LonAgro

Since we started using OneCloud, all the complexities of service provider-and network management has gone away.

Haaike van der Merwe, Manager: Project Delivery • Bayport International Group Support

When Arkhe Risk Solutions started using OneCloud we have had a great experience our internet connections are stable and we can operate our business efficiently.

– Tommy Klopper, Electronic Systems Manager • Arkhe Risk Solutions

OneCloud is not only our ISP but provides an end-to end solution, they provide stability through live management of our network and systems with face-to face relationships and the emphasis on understanding our business and requirements

– Louis Grobbelaar, Director • Afinidade

Not only did we get a new Internet set-up we also got excellent training and advice from Eduardo Margarido with a professional installation – fixing all our unsightly wiring – thank you!

– Adelle Abrams • Gunning Mocambique

OneCloud migrated our email onto O365 seamlessly and ensured that we are fully compliant and up to date with all Microsoft Windows licensing

– George Mathonsi, Managing Partner • Ariseguros

A true Maverick… and delivers on his promise

– Shane Nesbitt, Managing Director • Tyre Corporation Mocambique

Our IT network has been designed and successfully implemented by OneCloud. We value their expertise and appreciate their ability to ensure a fast and secured environment.

– Emmanuel Duret • Samcol Lda


OneCloud has proven to be an excellent allie for Echo in Mozambique – nothing is too much trouble and they are available all hours for pre and post-sale support.

– Jacques Rautenbach, Managing Director • Echo International