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Internet & MPLS

We design, optimise and manage Internet & MPLS data networks to deliver higher performance at a lower cost with the guarantee to improve business systems and user efficiency through SD-WAN and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

IT Infrastructure

We deliver solutions that control end-to end IT Infrastructure with full visibility of network components, users and utilisation through a single-view dashboard.

Application Traffic

We prioritise business critical application traffic over the Internet, to-and-from our client head offices, branches and centralised application hosting centres, delivering our client data faster over the same bandwidth.

Launch and Run Applications

We enable businesses to launch and run business applications quicker, easier and cost-effective on Virtual Server platforms hosted in local data centres in Maputo.

Protect Business Data

We secure client Internet-based networks and protect user-and core business data through automated Cloud Back-up and Recovery solutions with low bandwidth and data storage capacity dependency.

Our Solutions in More Detail

Internet Access & MPLS Connectivity

The requirements of the network have significantly evolved due to users, devices and systems having to connect to the Cloud, and traditional networks are not designed for today’s high-bandwidth demands.

OneCloud specialises in the provision of managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) that overcome the biggest drawbacks of traditional MPLS networks. OneCloud’s network performance solutions are guaranteed to deliver measurable benefits.


  • Lower overall networking costs.
  • Utilise primary and backup Internet connections at the same time.
  • Accelerate and prioritise application traffic.
  • Deliver comprehensive security at the network edge in real-time.
  • Simplify management through centralised orchestration of network security, rules & policies.
  • Make network deployments simpler and easier.
  • Bring full application performance-and usage visibility into the network.

Inter-branch Private Networks (WAN)

Connecting people and business to reliable networks require an in-depth understanding of the local ISP and data infrastructure landscape. No single ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Mozambique can cover every network location across the country, or deliver service levels that will guarantee high-availability at all times.

OneCloud’s network management team has over 8-years’ in-country experience in the design and management of enterprise data networks. OneCloud understands the art of applying the leading ISP’s unique capabilities in specific regions, and combining their products and services optimally to deliver the highest network performance for our clients anywhere in Mozambique.


  • OneCloud is a Direct Channel Partner to the leading ISP’s in Mozambique.
  • Connecting every client in the most optimal way.
  • Leverage all available ISP products and services.
  • Multiple national backhaul and last-mile connectivity options.
  • Vendor agnostic approach to network design and management.
  • Giving clients access to new Internet and MPLS packages, products and services.

Hosted Virtual Servers

Server hardware and software is expensive in Mozambique. When business applications are hosted in centralised data centres that are located far away from the users, it causes a higher dependency on bandwidth, resulting in low performance and poor user experience.

OneCloud’s virtual server solution brings data and application services closer to the logical edge of the client network and closer to the user.


  • Local VM servers on state-of-the-art hardware platforms.
  • Make server deployments fast and cost-effective.
  • Launch servers and resources on-demand.
  • VM servers are provisioned with the operating software (OS) included.
  • Eliminate hardware and software capex requirements.
  • Lower dependency on international bandwidth.
  • Faster application response and improved user experience.

Data Management

Securing business-and user data remains a challenge for every business as these processes are cumbersome, having to deal with – how to back-up, where to store data, having enough storage capacity and dealing with recovery efficiently.

OneCloud’s data management solutions cover all aspects of backup, archiving and recovery to reduce data management costs through a simple, scalable and instantly accessible cloud archiving solution.


  • Protect data from deletion and device failure.
  • Ensure backups don’t fail due to limited storage.
  • Respond quickly to disasters and system failures.
  • Move large volumes of data quickly, safely and efficiently.
  • Encrypt data to prevent theft at rest and in transit.
  • Move data easily to different platforms.
  • Store data affordably for long-term retention.
  • Find and manage data across systems.
  • Ensure data is private on all devices.

Network Infrastructure (LAN)

Businesses have no visibility into core network infrastructure, making it impossible to manage without insight and reporting capability on uptime, availability and utilisation. This ultimately affects the efficiency of people in and out of the office.

OneCloud specialises in the design, supply, implementation and management of networks from end-to end. Through our Cisco Meraki product set, we give our clients network insight and control through a “single-view” of the network with centralised management of core infrastructure.


  • Network Security
  • SD-WAN Routing
  • Data Switching
  • Wireless LAN
  • Security Cameras

User Device Management

To enforce device security policies, deploy software and apps, and perform remote, live troubleshooting on a multitude of managed devices have become increasing difficult for IT administrators and control and manage.

OneCloud offers the only solution that provides unified management of mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and the entire network from a centralized dashboard.


  • Unified Multi-platform Device Management
  • Robust Security Policy Enforcement
  • Scalable End-point Configuration
  • On-device Content Management
  • Secure Support of BYOD Initiatives
  • Automatic Device Classification
  • Automatic Application of Network Policies per Device Type
  • Automatic Analysis and Reporting of Network Activity

IT Systems Auditing

User efficiency and the performance of business-critical applications are directly affected by the stability, processing speed and health of core network components and end-user computing devices. By ensuring that IT systems are set up and configured correctly the occurrence of poor performance, downtime and user frustration is greatly reduced.

OneCloud offers network auditing services to troubleshoot problems and advise clients on the optimal design and configuration of IT infrastructure with the aim to reduce complexity and improve overall system performance in the following areas.


  • Windows Servers – Active Directory, Domain Services, DNS, File Sharing, Domain Policies
  • Virtualization – Vmware, ESXi, unRAID
  • Desktops and Laptops – Setup and User Configuration
  • Networking – Data Switching , Routing, Wireless LANs, CCTV
  • Device Management – Mobile devices, Macs, Windows PCs, Laptops, Entire Network

Other Solutions

We design, optimise and manage solutions to improve business systems and user efficiency.

Along with the above we also offer solutions for the following:

  • Internet Access & VPN’s
  • Security & SD-WAN
  • Wireless LAN
  • Data Switching
  • End-point Management
  • Microsoft O365

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OneCloud has been the first company to secure our country wide connectivity at acceptable price level and with very good response time to issues on the network.

– Jose Tembe, Head of Finance and Operations • LonAgro

Since we started using OneCloud, all the complexities of service provider-and network management has gone away.

Haaike van der Merwe, Manager: Project Delivery • Bayport International Group Support

When Arkhe Risk Solutions started using OneCloud we have had a great experience our internet connections are stable and we can operate our business efficiently.

– Tommy Klopper, Electronic Systems Manager • Arkhe Risk Solutions

OneCloud is not only our ISP but provides an end-to end solution, they provide stability through live management of our network and systems with face-to face relationships and the emphasis on understanding our business and requirements

– Louis Grobbelaar, Director • Afinidade

Not only did we get a new Internet set-up we also got excellent training and advice from Eduardo Margarido with a professional installation – fixing all our unsightly wiring – thank you!

– Adelle Abrams • Gunning Mocambique

OneCloud migrated our email onto O365 seamlessly and ensured that we are fully compliant and up to date with all Microsoft Windows licensing

– George Mathonsi, Managing Partner • Ariseguros

A true Maverick… and delivers on his promise

– Shane Nesbitt, Managing Director • Tyre Corporation Mocambique

Our IT network has been designed and successfully implemented by OneCloud. We value their expertise and appreciate their ability to ensure a fast and secured environment.

– Emmanuel Duret • Samcol Lda


OneCloud has proven to be an excellent allie for Echo in Mozambique – nothing is too much trouble and they are available all hours for pre and post-sale support.

– Jacques Rautenbach, Managing Director • Echo International