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Introducing CloudConnect - Your Gateway to the Global Cloud

Key Features

Higher Performance

  • Direct interconnects with 900+ data centres in 50 countries

  • Redundant, resilient subsea cable network

  • Redundant terrestrial fibre network

Fully Secured

  • Traffic routed across private links

  • Minimal hops to your destination

  • Retain existing security policies

Time Saver

  • Network connections  up in minutes - bandwidth scaling in less than 5 minutes 

  • Manage and monitor network connectivity

  • Automate connections

  • No long-term and complex contract negotiations and commitments

User Friendly

  • Simple web portal

  • View real-time pricing for connections and ports

  • Flex your bandwidth on demand

Decreased Cost

  • Save up to 50% on egress pricing

  • Free-up corporate bandwidth

  • Pay only for what you use




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Cloud Exchange Point at a Glance

Private Connections On Demand

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Integrated, Automated and Open

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Layer 2 Point-to-point

Layer 2 (Point-to-Point) description

Layer 3 Mesh

Layer 3 description

Internet On Demand

Internet On Demand description

Internet Exchange-as-a-Service (IXaaS) 

Internet Exchange as a service description

Connect to Cloud 

Cloud to Connect description

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