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Introducing CloudServer: Your All-in-One Platform for Next-Gen Services


Powerful System Management

  • Instantly configure private and public interfaces

  • Scale up or down (CPU, RAM, SSD disk) individually without reboot

  • Multi-server deployment capability

  • Fast and easy creation of VMs and containers

  • Seamless integration with external systems

High Availability (HA) Cluster

  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)

  • No single point of failure

  • Reliability - easy backup and restore

  • Short term snapshots or clones – restore in less than a minute

  • Live migration – container persistent storage

  • Manage & monitor all nodes via GUI tab


  • SSL certificate management

  • MFA, OTP, DDOS – detection and mitigation

  • SSH key, auditing and accountability


  • Cloud Admin

  • Support Admin

  • Cluster Admin

  • Monitoring Admin

  • DNS Admin

Software Defined Networking

  • Multi-tenant isolation

  • Load balancer and firewall automation

  • Floating IPs, Internet Gateways, VPC automation

  • IP Management Portal

  • DNS Management

Billing System

  • Post-paid and pre-paid payment models

  • Billing automation and reporting orchestration

  • Support products, add-ons, licenses, overage and metering

  • Fraud detection and profile modelling

White Waves

True Cloud Automation at a Glance


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Cloud Packages

Key Features

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Platform Services

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Platform Components

Platform Content

Full HCI

Full HCI

Integrated. Automated. Open.

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