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Introducing CloudNetwork: Gain full control and visibility of your network 

Key Features

Advanced Security 

  • A holistic range of data security services to meet the evolving requirements of every client's unique digital operations environment

  • Network-wide encryption and secure IPSec Virtual Private Network data transfer

High Availablity 

  • SLA Driven Architecture

  • Leverage all available connectivity mediums across all ISP networks in Mozambique

  • Fully redundant network design methodology

Full Network Control 

  • Gain full visibility into your data network

  • Prioritize business application based on importance

  • Manage application bandwidth utilization effectively

  • Control user device access and usage on the network

  • Dynamically route traffic over best-performing links for optimal network performance

Cost Optimization

  • Deploy the most cost-effective connectivity services offered across all ISP networks in Mozambique

  • Ensure correct bandwidth sizing to your needs

  • Full network provisioning as a managed service - no need to make large capital investments into your new SD-WAN network

  • 100% accurate and automated network performance and utilisation reporting

Next Generation Monitoring 

  • Real-time monitoring of clients, networks, applications, and other IT resources

  • Proactive alerts and notifications for potential issues or performance degradation

  • Measure and monitor link quality 

  • Generate automatic incidents for impacts on network

  • Enable 100% site availability SLAs 

  • Benefit from a 10-minute support incident response time

Plant Shadow

CloudNetwork at a Glance


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A Managed VPN Service

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Service Delivery Across Mozambique

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SLA - Linked to NPM and Service Desk

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Value Proposition 

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Our Clients

Client Breakdown
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